About us

The Whiskology is a virtual bakery started out of love of sweet delicacies. Today, we are whisking-up scrumptious & freshly baked, beautiful looking cakes, brownies, cookies, cupcakes, exotic chocolates, breads, healthy nibbles etc. All our products are made from scratch, out of fresh ingredients, providing you with an array of delicacies in highest quality & unique flavors. Our philosophy is to enjoy our days eating good food. 

We have a made to order concept and specialize in custom cakes and other goodies. At The Whiskology, we also take care of putting together quirky hampers for your events, birthday parties, wedding favors etc.  

Shruti Sharma

I have been baking my heart out since ages and I have learned so much along the way. Though, I feel in baking business everyday will teach you something new. My passion has been making scrumptious munchies and wiping it all by myself. I could have cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner, guilty yep!

I was well into my PR career when I realised my true calling. It was gratifying to bake all things tasty and serve those sweet treats to others. Gradually I found solace in it and started making my family fatter by the day. With the encouragement received from my family and colleagues, I have come up with my start-up named ‘The Whiskology’ (cause I love whisking up ingredients, that’s the best part of the whole baking process for me).

Now I’m just a girl who loves to bake and share that love with others through ‘The Whiskology’. I have an itch to create edible beauties with my hands. Each day, I try to come up with something completely new and add it to the menu. I hope you’d like The Whiskology products.


Eat lots of chocolate when times get rough and eat even more when the times are great!